Boryszew Group

History of the Company



The Rayon Factory was established by the Belgian Society in 1911. After the 2nd World War the factory was nationalized. In 1991 as a result of privatization process of the state-owned company Boryszew ERG , the company Boryszew S.A. with 100 % of the private capital was established. Since May 1996 the Boryszew’s shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 1999 Boryszew S.A., offering a wide range of products of chemical branch (among others Borygo – cooler fluid), raised a strategic investor, Mr. Roman Krzysztof Karkosik. Since that time a dynamic development of the Company has started. Acquisitions of chemical sector production companies, their restructuring, mergers and increase of sales volumes of the Group’s companies allowed to achieve better results. This was appreciated by shareholders and resulted in increasing of shares price at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 2005 Boryszew S.A. seized control of Impexmetal S.A., a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and focused on production companies of non-ferrous metals sector and trade in bearings.

In 2010 Boryszew S.A. seized control of Maflow Group, one of the largest producers of air-conditioned cables, power stiring and active suspension for automotive industry. The automotive sector becomes the key segment of activity. Thanks to purchase of assets of Maflow Group, the company Boryszew S.A. becomes the global company owing its production plants on 3 continents.

Further in 2011 the company has continued realization of the development strategy through taking over the automotive companies. In July 2011 the company signed agreements to seize two German Capital Groups (AKT/ICOS – Theysohn), operating in plastics processing.

In 2014, Boryszew S.A. acquired the plastic component factory owned by Tensho Poland Corporation. In 2015, the company started the construction of the Maflow production plant in Mexico, which provided the stepping stone to break into the markets of NAFTA countries in 2016.

In 2017, the Boryszew Automotive Plastics’ automotive components factory in Prenzlau, Germany, and the Maflow production plant in Torun, Poland, launched their operations.

In 2019 Boryszew S.A. incorporated Alchemia Group. That was the beginning of building strong Steel segment. Huta Bankowa part of Boryszew Group offers products of the highest quality, indispensible inshipbuilding and power industries, including wind powerengineering.

Within a few years, Boryszew Group created by Boryszew S.A. has become one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Poland with annual sales revenues totalling EUR 1,23bn. The Group’s success is confirmed by its high positions in a number of rankings published by leading Polish newspapers and magazines.



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