Boryszew Group






Sustainable development is our foundation while building a broad range of innovative high-quality products to support the market success of our business partners.



We make up and are developing one of the largest Polish industrial groups with strong roots in international markets. Our diversified product portfolio allows us to be flexible despite the economic climate which helps to minimize business risk and capture new markets.
Our focus is on continuous improvement of both current segment activities and exploring new markets while following our business strategy of acquiring companies with strong market positions and modern know-how in their industries.




Values of the Boryszew Group are led by following principles:

- Trust. The goal of our relationships with stakeholders is to strengthen our credibility, provide stable employment, offer high quality products to customers, growth of Group's value for shareholders, support local communities and development initiatives while still protecting the environment, as well as to provide our suppliers with fair agreements based on partnership.

- Expertise. We implement innovative manufacturing solutions and aim at improving the qualifications of our managers and employees as well as integrating R&D with manufacturing processes.

- Development. We seek new business opportunities and explore new markets. We continuously improve our product portfolio. We expand and diversify our business segments based on synergies and principles of sustainable growth.




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