Boryszew Group

Code of Ethics



While following the Company’s mission and development strategy, Boryszew Group meets all fundamental business ethic principles.



We strictly follow corporate governance and good practice principles which apply to all listed companies. They refer to the functioning of the Group’s statutory bodies and its members and describe relationships with all stakeholders: employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, customers, market institutions and local communities. Our information policy is driven by the first and foremost principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and equity. Our business relationships are built upon long-term co-operation as well as honesty, trust and mutual respect.


We are an experienced industrial company which is fully aware of its responsibilities with regards to social and environmental aspects. Our business decisions are not driven purely by the financial rationale but we also respect its long-term social and environmental impact. Key drivers of Boryszew Group’s corporate responsibility include:

  • Employees > providing the highest HSE standards
  • Investors > ensuring long-term growth of the Company
  • Suppliers > creating mutually beneficial terms of co-operation
  • Market organisations > ensuring compliance with applicable regulations, legal standards and good practice principles,
  • Local communities > environmental awareness and support for all initiatives for the development of civilization.


Our activities are based on social dialogue both with employees and their representative organizations as well as with local communities and other stakeholders. Social dialogue is defined as:

  • The consultations prior to making any decisions that could have a substantial impact on our business, social and environmental aspects carried out in order to gain public acceptance.
  • The Group’s and its member companies communication management relevant to stakeholders and emerging relationship issues.



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