Boryszew Group

Quality policy



All key Boryszew Group companies are compliant with ISO 9001 standard and meet its specific requirements as well as eight principles of quality:

  1. Client-orientated (company’s position on the market is dependent on its clients),
  2. Leadership (the company’s management works on development strategies),
  3. People’s engagement (people are the most priceless asset),
  4. Process-orientated (effectiveness depends mainly on processes within the company itself),
  5. Systems approach to management (quality management is considered the management of mutual processes),
  6. Constant improvement (the company’s biggest goal is to continually improve its processes),
  7. Rational approach to decision making process (making decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of all available data),
  8. Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers (providing mutually beneficial relationships with product and service suppliers guarantees high quality).


The highest quality of the product, meeting the customer’s specific needs by adapting the offer as well as high standards are the fundamental advantages of Boryszew Group, which guarantees maintaining and strenghtening its market position.



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