Both Boryszew Capital Group and all member companies develop their business implementing the principles of sustainable growth, connecting economic, social, and environmental issues. Business value for investors and shareholders is now closely tied with achieving satisfying financial performance and social responsibility and commitment. This should be developed in a way which meets the aspirations of society to fulfill the same ambitions of future generations.


’The world is constantly changing and evolving at a breakneck pace. While the market economy has proven to be the most efficient system for natural resources, it still has a negative impact on a number of issues such as social inequality and environmental degradation which then have an influence on the corporate world. The unprecedented emphasis put on environmental and social problems generated by the shrinking water, food, energy and other natural resources as well as climate change, aging population, violation of human and labour rights - all this is today’s business environment. The consequences of implementing bad practices and ignoring corporate governance regulations, as it was easily noticed during the global financial crisis, now have a strong emphasis on the agenda referring to such issues as transparency and ethics, corruption, shareholders rights, risk management, management board remuneration systems,’’- as the world’s business environment is described by many documents promoting responsible investing philosophy.


This is the frame of Boryszew Group’s corporate social responsibility. Our Business decisions include environmental and social principles in addition to Code of Corporate Governance and good practices (ESG - environmental, social and governance principles). We want to contribute to the long-term building of a healthy and stable market. At the end of the day we strive to generate sustainable income based on stable and well-functioning social, environmental and economic systems.




The social environment, in which Boryszew member companies operate, determines their business decisions. There are a number of key factors such as:


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