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88/2010 2010-12-21 Entering into due dilligence

Referring to the current report no 63/2010 of August 8th, 2010, the Management Bard of Boryszew S.A. informs that today the Company has signed a confidentiality undertaking in connection with the motion to enter into due diligence concerning Business Units and/or their parts of the company Cablelettra S. p. A. under receivership, according to Tender Conditions, published on the www.cablelettra.it

Cablelettra Group designs and produces modern and technologically advanced integrated systems and modules of wirings systems and accessories for automotive sector, including:
- wiring for engines,
- safety wiring for brakes systems and ride control of vehicles,
- wiring for other parts of vehicles,
- power wiring for high current transmission.

Cablelettra’s products are designed not only to passenger cars but also to trucks, busses, tractors, motorcycles and industrial vehicles.
The Group has equipped itself with R&D base necessary to design and initiate of modern solutions. The clients are international vehicle concerns.

Cablelettra Group consists of works located, among other, in: Italy, Poland (in Mikołów), China, Brazil and Tunisia.

Małgorzata Iwanejko – Chairman of the Management Board
Robert Bednarski – Vice-Chairman of the Management Board


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