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6/2014 2014-02-14 Concluding an agreement with PKO Bank Polski Brokers House for the suplement of consolidations shortfalls regarding the proces of Boryszew’s shares’ consolidation.

Current report no 6/2014

The Management Board of Boryszew S.A. with the seat in Sochaczew („Issuer” „the Company”) in connection with the current report no 2/2014 dated 21 January 2014 regarding announcement on convening of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company in relations with the intention to pass the resolution on shares’ concentration (consolidation) as well as changes in the Company’s Statute, informs that on 14 February 2014 the Issuer concluded an agreement with PKO Bank Polski Brokers House. As a result of the a/m agreement PKO Bank Polski Brokers House has agreed and undertaken to play a role of the shareholder supplementing the consolidations shortfalls expense of its rights arising from possessing of shares.
According to the agreement PKO Bank Polski Brokers House will cover the shortfalls, which might arise during the proces of the Company’s shares consolidation in the numer not higher that 400,000 shares of the nominal value of PLN 0.10. The consolidations shortfalls will be curried by PKO Bank Polski Brokers House according to the procedures determined by the KDPW S.A. (National Securities Depository).
Provisions of the agreement provide also termination of the agreement in case the Issuer will not curry the process of shares combination till 31 August 2014 or not passing by the Extraordinary General Meeting resolution on shares combination and changes in the Company’s Statute.

Piotr Szeliga – President of the Management Board


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